A strange sign in Ruby’s hand raises anxiety: What is the truth about her illness?


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The artist topped it Ruby Google search index after appearing as a guest program Her Excellency After she sang with Wedges During the celebration of New Year’s Eve.

Ruby worries about her illness because of the shape of her hand

And a large number of social media users noticed an injury to Ruby’s hand that resembles a prominent bone, so that after the end of the episode, it became the subject of questions in the minds of communication pioneers.

Some believed that Ruby had cancer, especially since the shape of her hand made Elisa reappeared with a bandage on her hand after her injury, but she hides it.

However, a doctor denied this, explaining the truth of the matter and that the swelling in her hand is a disease called the synovial cyst, which is an expansion of the internal tissues of the joint or around the tendons, and this cyst takes the form of a small coloration that results from the wrong positions of the hand for a long time, or sleeping on the hand, or repeatedly placing the cheek on Hand for a long time, in addition to excessive use of computers, or household chores.

The doctor explained in his speech that the synovial cyst may be pressing on a nerve or artery, which causes severe pain to some extent for the person who suffers from it, and this is one of the most prominent cases that require a visit to the doctor to take appropriate treatment measures.

In this disease, it is advised not to resort to surgery if the patient does not suffer from any pain due to the synovial cyst, and the problem is in the shape only, because the wound may also bother the patient, in addition to the fact that the synovial cyst reappears again in 50% of cases, it is surgically removed.

Ruby dances to vocals and shouts in Her Excellency

Ruby Weez’s video won the admiration of the audience on social media, as she surprised everyone with her spontaneous movements and danced to the songs of the song “Bazat Khalis”.

And after I participated Ruby A song that wears and danced on it in a way that many saw the indulgence and femininity that Ruby used to show to the audience.

And the artist celebrated Isad Younes By the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, through a special episode of her program, Her Excellency, with Ngok, the episode Ruby and Baha Sultan and the young singer Wiggs.

The episode began with Roby singing the song Les Bedari Keda that she presented on the stage of the program and she participated in dancing on the song Isaad Younes, and Ruby noted that one of the beautiful things she did in 2020 is staying at home longer and spending more time with her daughter Taiba, explaining that her daughter approached her More after schools were canceled at the start of the Coronavirus spread.

And the artist, Ruby, pointed out that because of the home quarantine, she went back to exercising, and watched more films, and in response to Ruby’s talk, Isaad Younes confirmed that she took a long break, saying: These platforms solved many problems and I chose to see beautiful movies from every moment in the world


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