A young man commits suicide in mysterious circumstances in Ismailia


A young man was killed byIsmailia After he committed suicide in mysterious circumstances, he hanged himself by means of a rope hanging from the ceiling of the room inside his house in the village of Hawes Sarabium, affiliated to Fayed Center in Ismailia Governorate, and the body was kept in the mortuary of Fayed Central Hospital.

Major General Yasser Nashat was an assistant Interior Minister The Director of Ismailia Security, received a notification from Major General Rashad Al-Ghamrawi, Director of Ismailia Investigations, stating that Major Mohamed El-Faramawy, Head of Fayed Investigations, had received a notification from a citizen that his son was found hanged in his room in his home.

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Immediately, the security services and ambulances moved to the place of the communication in the village of Hawes Sarabium, the district of Fayed, where the body of “Ahmed M.A.”, 18 years old, was found hanging inside his house by a rope hanging from the ceiling.

The necessary report on the incident was drawn up, and the body was kept in the morgue of Fayed Central Hospital, and the Public Prosecution Office was notified to undertake the investigation.

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