Abd Rabbo: I call on the Minister of Sports to intervene to save Ismaili


Talib Hosni Abd Rabbo, an Ismaili player and former Egyptian national team, has intervened by the Minister of Sports, Ashraf Sobhi, to solve the club’s long-standing crisis, and its results have recently declined.

Ismaily suffered a severe defeat at the hands of the clearing Egypt, this evening, Sunday, with 3 goals for a goal in the seventh round of the Egyptian we League.

“The attack is not the solution to save the Ismaili Club, but sitting down and everyone proposes his point of view to reach a correct path,” Abed Rabbo said in statements to the Al-Thala fans program on On Time Sports.

He added, “Why are not all Ismaili stars invited to hear solutions? I made a vow to myself a while ago that I will not talk about the club’s problems because no bad changes.”

He continued, “I spoke with the Minister of Sports a while ago and he told me that the Ismaili problem is specific to the General Assembly and I cannot intervene.”

He continued: “I say to the Ismaili Sports Minister that he deserves to intervene to solve his crisis as I sat with the Zamalek player.”

He explained that he wishes the Minister of Sports to intervene and offer solutions to save the Ismaili, as well as the problems of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and the Ismaili fans are in a state of “boiling” due to the club’s current situation.

He concluded his remarks: “Two years ago, we have been in the same crisis, and when the public speaks, they close their pages on social media platforms.”


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