Abdullah Jumaa responds to Farouk Jaafar: I did not sit with you, and this is a lie


Abdullah Jumah, left back of Zamalek club, responded to the statements of Farouk Jaafar, former White Castle star, regarding the player’s request to increase his contract with the club for the sake of renewal, and Abdullah Jumaa wrote through his Instagram account: First of all, this is not a problem. Unhealthy words.

Abdullah Jumaa
Abdullah Jumaa

Farouk Jaafar had confirmed that Abdullah Jumaa, during the past year, although he joined Zamalek for 2 million pounds, asked for a huge number to renew his contract, saying: I chose from the number he requested, I found him going for numbers of 10 and 12 million pounds, and the player must take into account that I have no means Dy.

AndFarouk Jaafar, the former Zamalek star, said that he played for Zamalek club when he was eleven years old, and he participated with the first team when he was 16 years old, at a time when Shaheen was the goalkeeper of the white team.

Jaafar added, in statements to On Sport, that there are distinguished players who played next to them in Zamalek, and said that Al-Khatib is a distinguished player, adding: “Al-Khatib is a player who will not be repeated in the stadiums.”

The king of the text touched on the conditions of Zamalek in the current period, saying that Zamalek has reached the stage of searching for stability, in addition to rejecting all new professional offers of Zamalek stars, especially since the large number of professional offers affect the stability of the team .

Farouk Jaafar, head of the technical committee in Zamalek, confirmed in previous statements that his club is not in need of the efforts of the duo Ahmed Al Sheikh and Amir Adel, so there was a conviction from the Executive Committee not to contract with the players after they were formally contracted .

Jaafar added that Al-Ahly and Zamalek clubs currently have special-style players that made them the top of African clubs and distinguished us over North African clubs. Zizou, Imam Ashour and other stars of the white shirt.


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