Abu Greisha: Al-Ahly player welcomes the joining of the Ismaili … and Al-Khatib wants to help us


Ali Abu Greisha, a former Ismaili player, talked about the scenes of his visit to the club Ahly On Monday, he indicated that the Al-Ahmar player welcomes the ranks of the dervishes.

The Ismaili club suffers from a severe decline in results during the last period in the Egyptian League championship, as the team occupies the fourteenth place in the competition ranking table and has 7 points.

وقال Abu Grisha In radio statements on “On Sport” radio broadcast: “There is cooperation and sincere assistant from Al-Ahly Club, and Mahmoud Al-Khatib has a good relationship with him and ten years old.”

He continued: “Al-Khatib told everyone at Al-Ahly that he wanted an Ismaili assistant, and he played his role well, and the same was true for Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football manager.”

Regarding the inclusion of Rami Rabia, the Al-Ahly player, he said: “Just as I said, everyone has played their role perfectly, and the most important thing is the players’ desire.”

Regarding Muhammad Mahmoud, he said: “I sat with him and the player is welcome to join the Ismaili, and he told me that it is an honor for him to play for the club, and he will inform me today of his decision.”

He explained: “If Muhammad Mahmoud joins us in Ismaily, he will play next March, and he is currently ready.”

He added, “I will not mention the names of the players, but I would like to include two or three Ismaili players to help the team in the current period.”

And about visiting Zamalek, he said: “As happened in Al-Ahly and Abdel Halim Ali was waiting for us, and the soul was very beautiful, and within a day or two there will be a good result.”

He continued: “It is better for the new coach to be Egyptian, because he will be familiar with the club’s problems and what he needs in the current period to get out of the crisis, and because there was no time to study the team.”

And on the nomination of Mukhtar Mukhtar to assume the artistic task of the Ismaili: “I have great experience and stature, and I did not know about it.”

He concluded, “Osama Khalil will assume the task of the club’s sporting director, and he will come from abroad in the next few days.”


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