Accused of “rape of a Vermont girl”: The main defendant married me with a “fake” contract and filmed me a pornographic video


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The petition submitted by “N.M.”, his son, a famous artist, who was released pending investigations in the case known in the media as “the attack on the Fairmont Hotel girl” revealed that “A.K”, the main defendant in the case, is a fugitive outside the country, and he is the defendant’s husband The released woman, put her a drug and raped her, his friend, and her photos.

The defendant, “N,” explained to the investigating authorities that she married “N” in the year 2014 with a “forged” martial contract, and the matter was discovered after the rape of a Vermont girl.

During the investigations, the defendant said that “N” invited his friend to a dinner party inside their house, and put her drug in juice, and when she lost consciousness, he took turns raping her and filming her during sex.

“I found myself without any clothes except for a white T-shirt and a drink, and by asking her husband what had happened, he told her that she was severely exhausted and took some medications, contrary to the truth,” she cried.

And she continued: “I became aware of the pornographic video in which I appeared, and the cameraman was photographed by my husband and his friend, through one of my friends who learned that it spread through the Internet, and that was after the spread of the case of the Fairmont Hotel girl.”

The Public Prosecution ordered the release of accused N, and two others pending investigations into the incident of assaulting a girl in the Fairmont Hotel, and the related facts.

Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, the Attorney General, had ordered an investigation into the incident, which sparked widespread controversy, after the report of the National Council for Women and a complaint filed by one of the girls that some people sexually assaulted her during 2014 inside the “Fairmont Nile City” hotel in Cairo, after she was drugged with “GHB” That leads to loss of consciousness.

The defendants were not satisfied that they did so, but filmed themselves during the assault on her, in addition to engraving letters of their names on her body and threatening her if she decided to report them.

The prosecution ordered the arrest of the 7 accused in the incident, after it became clear that some of them had fled and ordered an international pursuit, following the widespread uproar that occupied public opinion after the incident was re-circulated.

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