Aden Airport: Are the explosions a “Iranian attack” that precedes the arrival of Biden, or is the result of the “confusion of the coalition forces”?


Photo of an explosion in Yemen

Arab newspapers discussed the attacks that targeted the airport in Aden, coinciding with the arrival of members of the new Yemeni government backed by Saudi Arabia.

The attacks killed at least 26 people and injured others. The Saudi-led coalition accused the Houthis of launching an attack on Aden airport and another on the presidential palace.

The ‘Houthi attack’

Hammoud Abu Talib said in the Saudi newspaper Okaz: “This time the peace efforts in Yemen were not sabotaged by procrastination, circumvention, evasion, procrastination and veto; that is, the methods used by the Houthi militia since the attempts to reach an understanding with it peacefully to save Yemen from its futility through negotiations with legitimacy.”

And he continues, “But it used a blatant method in its barbarity and aggression, confirming that it is never qualified to become a national Yemeni political component that cares about the future of Yemen.”

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