Administrative Judiciary Court rejects the lawsuit banning Mohamed Ramadan from singing and acting


The State Council Administrative Court ruled, a short while ago, not to accept the lawsuit filed by Dr. Samir Sabry, the lawyer, against the Syndicate of Musicians, which demands that he not issue any permits to the actor Mohamed Ramadan to perform any concerts.

The lawsuit, which carried No. 60997 of the Judicial Year 73, stated that “Art is the ability to interrogate the self, allowing a person to express himself or his surroundings visually, vocal, or kinesthetic, and it is possible for a person to use it to translate the feelings and struggles that he has in his essential self, And it is not necessarily an expression of his need for the requirements of his life, although some scholars consider art a life necessity for man, such as water and food, so art is a gift and creativity that the Creator gave to every human being, but in degrees that differ between the individual and the other, so that we cannot classify all people as artists except for those who are distinguished by the tremendous creative ability ».

The lawsuit added that “the word art is an indication of the skills used to produce things that carry aesthetic value, according to a definition. Among the definitions is that art (skill – craft – experience – creativity – intuition – simulation), that the way of kitsch art in which our youth have been lost in recent years must be That his end will be drugs and conscience sabotage, which is the biggest sin that can be committed against a people.

The lawsuit also stated: “A state of controversy, ridicule and anger prevailed among the pioneers of social media and the media, following the concert of actor Mohamed Ramadan, which he performed last Friday in the North Coast, and we monitor information about the scenes of the ceremony.”


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