After 37 years … the mystery of the youngest victim of the “Green River Killer” was revealed


And King County Police have identified a state Washington The American, the identity of Gary’s youngest victim, after 37 years, is Wendy Stevens, who was 14 years old at the time of her death.

And according to the British “Sky News” network, Wendy’s identity has been identified using “Genetic GenealogyWho takes advantage of data DNA Available to find relatives of unknown victims.

Wendy’s remains were found in 1984 in a woodland area now known as the “Sea Tac” suburb, after a dog returned to his owner with a human leg bone in his mouth.

Commenting on revealing the identity of victim Wendy, the youngest victim of Ridgway who became known by the nickname “The Green River Ripper,” the King County District Attorney said, “Ridgway caused deep grief to several families of the missing and murdered women. We are very relieved that Wendy’s family will have an answer to a question.” Its thinnest for many years. “

Serial killer Gary Ridgway

Ridgway terrorized Washington state in the 1980s and early 1990s with his primarily targeted crimes Women.

Ridgway was famous for dumping the bodies of many of his victims near the river in South King County.

Although he was a longtime suspect MurdersHowever, Ridgway had not been convicted for nearly two decades, that is, after advances in DNA technology allowed investigators to identify him as the Green River killer in 2001, after they obtained a saliva sample from him in 1987.

And in 2003, Ridgway pleaded in exchange for avoiding a sentence Execution, Pleaded guilty to 49 murders, and agreed to cooperate with the authorities in locating the remains of his victims and providing other details.

Ridgway is the second most dangerous serial killer in US history according to confirmed murders, after Samuel Little, who confessed to 90 murders between 1970 and 2005, 50 of which were previously verified. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Speaking of his crimes, Ridgway admitted Sexually assaulted On his victims before they were killed, and he also practiced Sex With some of the victims (after their death).

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