After asking him to pray for his wife … Hamada Hilal reveals a “surprise”


1:32 PM

Thursday 14 January 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamza:

The artist, Hamada Hilal, published a promotional poster for a new work that he is presenting in cooperation with the TikTok application, without revealing its details, and he sufficed with the words Wait

Shadi Essam, the director and founder of the organizing company, said: “The event is a surprise presented by the artist Hamada Hilal in cooperation with the TikTok application and the company De Menta. “.

He added, “We are currently completing all preparations to present this surprise, which is bigger and more important than being an online party through the application.”

On the other hand, sources close to the artist, Hamada Hilal, revealed to “Masrawy” that his wife, Dr. Asmas health condition greatly improved after she underwent the home isolation period, following her infection with the Coronavirus.

Hamada Hilal had asked his fans and followers to pray for his wife for healing through his pages on the communication sites, and he wrote: “Lord, heal you, protect you, and bless me in your life, oh my heart, mother of my children. I ask God Almighty, Lord of the Mighty Throne, to heal you. “

Poster Hamada


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