After being bullied .. 10 information about Amr Diab’s daughter Nour


Nour, the daughter of the star, was exposed Amr diab From his first wife, Sherine Reda, for bullying because of a photo she posted on her personal account on the Instagram social networking site, in which her face was close to the camera.
In the following lines, we review the 10 most prominent information about the eldest daughter of the plateau, which she revealed to her followers before on Instagram:

1- Nour lives in the British capital, London, where she studied and works.

2- As for her date of birth, it is the tenth of June, and she belongs to those born in Gemini.

3- Nour is a fashion designer and blogger

4- Nour confirmed that she is a vegetarian, meaning she does not eat meat at all, and thus she follows the same diet as her father’s former wife, the artist, Dina El-Sherbiny.

5- Nour said that she speaks 3 languages, which are Arabic, English and Spanish, and the sign language is English.

6- Nour answered one of the questions that she studied Business Administration.

7- As for her favorite color is pink, and she always depends on it in her clothes.

8- Nour said that her favorite singer is her father, Amr Diab.

9- Nour Amr Diab is 161 cm tall.

10- Nour indicated that she does not want to enter the field of acting, and that this is enough for her mother, Sherine Reda, but she inherited from her grandfather, the legend Mahmoud Reda, the talent of dancing, as for her favorite hobby, which is cooking, reading, design and playing sports.

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