After reconciling with Bassem Samra .. Shock to Rehab El Gamal from the director of their film


Director Wael Al-Roumi revealed new developments for his new movie “Deek Al-Ayat”, after the artist Basem Samras crisis with the artist Rehab El-Gamal and reconciliation between them was over in the presence of the artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the actors yesterday. Wael said in a statement to “Echo of the Country”: Certainly, the crisis between Bassem Samra and Rehab El-Gamal ended yesterday in the presence of the artist Ashraf Zaki, the head of the Actors Syndicate, and I was present in the reconciliation session that brought them together in the house of the Actors Syndicate.

Wael added: The Actors Syndicate listened to the work team who was keen to attend the session, which confirmed that what Rehab El-Gamal said was incorrect and completely untrue, which angered Basem Samra and Ashraf Zaki the jealous of the reputation of the artistic community, and that what Rehab said was in the presence of a drunken person who used hashish It is not true to be covered on social media.

Wael explained: The crisis was between Bassem Samra and Rehab El-Gamal in the different filming dates and that it is related to another work that needs to travel abroad, which prompted Bassem Samra to tell her in this case it is better to leave work, which is what Rehab refused, which is what happened and not as she said. Rehab, which is what happened in the preparatory session that witnessed a major hotel, in addition to the fact that the hotel’s cameras did not record the presence of any prohibitions mentioned by Rehab El-Gamal.

Wael noted: We are currently seriously studying the exclusion of the artist, Rehab El-Gamal, not because of the crisis, but because of her preoccupation with photographing other works outside Egypt, which leads us to exclude them, especially as we need to start filming the work as soon as possible.

Wael said: We will start filming the movie next Sunday, but before that we are making some final preparations before filming the work, which I hope will be a different and new work that will appeal to the audience.


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