After the arrival of the detainees in Nigeria … Ministry of Foreign Affairs: protecting Egyptians all over the world is a priority


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Ambassador Amr Mahmoud Abbas, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs and Egyptians Abroad, today, received two Egyptian citizens, a second naval officer, Saad Shawky, and a marine engineer, Kiroles Samir, who had been kidnapped as part of the crew of the Milan cargo ship, which had been subjected to a piracy incident off the southern coast of Nigeria On Thursday, November 26, 2020, upon their arrival to the homeland after they were released as a result of the efforts made by the Egyptian state, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and through the Egyptian embassy in Abuja, which were successful.

It should be noted that the Egyptian embassy in Abuja, upon receiving the information about the occurrence of the piracy incident, had begun to communicate with all the relevant authorities and agencies in Nigeria, which on their part showed all cooperation and interest, and the embassy staff also followed the developments of the crisis first-hand around the clock. With the Nigerian authorities, the company that owns the ship, and the embassies of the countries to which the crew members who were kidnapped belong, in order to ensure the safety of the Egyptian citizens, and in order to secure their release, which was crowned with success and praise be to God.

This comes as an affirmation of the priority that the Egyptian state gives, and under the directives of the political leadership, to protect all Egyptian citizens all over the world In continuous coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the concerned authorities in the state, the embassy in Abuja has remained in contact with the Egyptian citizens, and made sure that they communicate with their families in Egypt to reassure them, and the Egyptian embassy in Yaounde continued to complete the process of returning the citizens to the homeland after their release.

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