After the death of Elias Rahbani … Heart-breaking words from George Wassouf, Maya Diab and Nicole Saba


The great Lebanese musician, Elias Rahbani, aged 83, passed away today, after his health deteriorated while he was in a Lebanese hospital to receive treatment, and a number of art stars were keen to obey “Rahbani”, most notably George Wassouf, Maya Diab, and Nicole Saba.

“George Wassouf” and “Maya Diab” mourn “Elias Rahbani”

George wasouf
George wasouf

Singer George Wassouf was one of the first stars to mourn the death of the Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani. He wrote “Wassouf” on his Twitter account, saying: After Asi and Mansour, the last cluster of the first generation of the creativity family is gone. With the departure of Elias Rahbani, a sad day joins the calendar of our sorrows. I extend my sincere condolences to the Rahbani family and Mrs. Fairouz, the second generation who continues the journey of the family of geniuses and geniuses who never die.

The star Maya Diab also participated in this, as she called the death of “Rahbani” on her Twitter account as well, to say: My condolences to your small family and their sense of their pain..I dear Lebanon and the Arab world and the whole world. Something is impossible .. Invite every person with your love to pray to you on his own way from his home or church.

“Nicole Saba” evokes memories … and “Rahbani” artistic balance

The artist, Nicole Saba, also tweeted on “Twitter” to say: “A long tape stewed in front of me, sweet memories of the days of the studio with discussions, recordings of the days of the forkats and“ Oh my Nasini ”and“ It was time and it was “Wei Bo Mari” .. memories of Miliana, fun because you loved joy and laughter. She did not leave your face .. May God have mercy on you, Mr. Elias Rahbani, and be your soul in the sky and be patient with Ghassan, Gad and Madam Nen.

Today, some Lebanese media announced the death of musician Elias Rahbani at the age of 83, leaving work estimated at 2,500 songs that he composed, and about 1,000 soundtracks for 25 Arab films, including Egyptian films. The film “My Blood, My Tears, and My Smile”, and the series “The Night Player.”


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