After the “Norway commotion” … the truth about “Pfizer vaccine and the deaths” revealed


The agency said that the vaccine “does not cause new side effects, based on the first data related to its launch.”

The announcement by the Amsterdam-based agency came after reports reported that dozens, especially elderly people, died in Norway and other European countries, after receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

The agency said that it had seen the deaths that were recorded, including those that were counted among a number of elderly people, and “concluded that the data do not show a relationship to the order receiving Pfizer vaccineThe cases do not raise any safety concerns. “

In the first safety update since the European Union launched the vaccination campaign in December, the agency reported that the data overall “is consistent with the known safety profile of the vaccine, and no new side effects have been identified.”

She added that the reports of severe allergies sometimes did not go beyond what had been found so far on “this known side effect”.

She added that “the benefits of the vaccine in preventing (Covid 19“It continues to outweigh any risks, and there are no recommended changes in the use of the vaccine.”

So far, the European Commission has approved two vaccines, which are the American-German “Pfizer Biontek” and “ModernaThe American administration is expected to issue its decision on the British “AstraZeneca” vaccine later on Friday.

Norway, in particular, recorded 33 deaths among 20 thousand residents of nursing homes, who had received the first dose of the “Pfizer Bionic” vaccine, and concern increased with the issuance of similar reports from several countries, including France, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden.

Oslo earlier this month did not indicate a direct link between deaths and the vaccine, but it did recommend that doctors take into account the overall health of the most vulnerable groups before vaccination.

The European Medicines Agency said that “given the concerns emanating from Norway,” it has reviewed reports of people of any age dying after receiving the vaccine.

She added, “In many cases associated with people over the age of 65, the development of (several) diseases from which they suffer is the main rationale for death.”

She indicated that the clinical tests for the “Pfizer Bionic” vaccine primarily included people aged 75 years and over.

But it urged the company to continue “to review in depth all reports on suspected side effects that may result in death.”


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