After the scandalous videos … Details of the arrest of the Syrian, Angie Khoury


News reports issued by Lebanese newspapers revealed the details of the arrest of the Syrian artist, Engi Khoury, and her arrest by the Syrian Criminal Security in the vicinity of the Syrian Mazzeh region, after the lawsuit brought against her by the Lebanese artist Shiraz.

News reports indicated that The Syrian Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered an investigation with Enji Khoury – Najwa Khaliq Allah – after she was charged with defamation, slander and defamation, and for her secret entry into Lebanese territory.

This comes after In February 2020, Lebanese news sites revealed that the morality police in the capital Beirut had arrested the Syrian actress, Engi Khoury (Najwa Khaliq Allah), after she slipped through the borders of the country and broke the ruling against her to cancel her residency in Lebanese territory, on the sidelines of the spread of her scandalous videos.

The Lebanese singer Amar (wife of Angie Khoury) commented on the news of the latter’s arrest, saying: “God is great and my right is to take thanks to God.”

And a number of activists on social media, last December, shared an image from the scandalous video clip of the Syrian actress, Angie Khoury, within the video clips that were leaked to her during the recent period.

Injie Khoury, in a live broadcast on social media, had revealed the love affair, which she gathered with the Lebanese activist Rabie Al-Zein, noting that the relationship lasted for 4 years.

Angie Khoury indicated that her relationship with Rabih Al-Zein was written by a book, and she added that her family knew about this relationship and that they were about to marry, but problems occurred between them.

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