After Zizou’s engagement .. Will Sassi and Bencharki move to the eye?


11:11 PM

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Books – Muhammad Hammam:

Essam Salem, a spokesman for the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, stated that he had spoken with Majed Al Owais, a member of the Emirates Club of Al Ain, about the player Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”.

A spokesman for Zamalek added in statements on the club’s official screen, today, Saturday: “Majed Al-Owais confirmed to me that Zizou was among the two candidates to transfer to Al-Ain.”

He continued: “Zizos opportunity to Al Ain club diminished after the Japanese player, Shoya Nakajima, from Porto, Portugal.”

Essam Salem revealed during his statements: “Indeed, Al Ain club made an official offer to join Zizou, but the Emirati club did not make an official offer to buy Ferjani Sassi or Ashraf Bencharki.”

The last period witnessed the association of the name “Zizou” with the transfer to the ranks of Al Ain, but the Zamalek administration closed the door about the player’s departure during the winter transfer period.


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