Ahmed Adam: The era of Adel Imam is over and Henedi kidnapped my thoughts .. Video | news


In a video dating back to the beginning of the third millennium, artist Ahmed Adam spoke in an episode of “Talk on Paper”, presented by journalist Mahmoud Saad on the “Dream” screen, about his opinion and his star crises.

Ahmed Adam said: “The era of Adel Imam has ended in terms of producing a large number of films, so 5 works were presented in cinemas for one star, for example. If he succeeded 2 for example, then this is a great success. Now this is no longer available, and I never meant that his age is over in terms of competition. “.

And he continued: Mohamed Heneidy kidnapped one of my thoughts on the news of my film with cameraman Adel Mubariz.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Adam is shown in cinemas the movie “Saber and Radi” written by Muhammad Nabawi, directed by Akram Farid, and starring Razan Maghribi, Mohsen Mohiuddin and Salwa Othman, and its events are in a comic framework.

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