Ahmed Fawzi to Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV: Ahmed Fathy asked Pyramids to return the money to Al-Ahly


Ahmed Fawzi, the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper, revealed that Ahmed Fathy, the current Pyramids player and the former Red Castle, had asked his Sky Club officials to return the money he had obtained upon contracting, for his desire to return to Al-Jazirah Castle.

Fawzi told the analytical studio, presented by Omar Al-Ayoubi on Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV, that Ahmed Fathy is a great player, and feels uncomfortable in the Pyramids Club, despite the financial capabilities available to him, and the player wants to return to the Al-Ahly club, with which he has achieved many tournaments and successes.

Fawzi announced that Al-Ahly club would not agree to Ahmed Fathy’s return to its ranks if the player terminated his contract with Pyramids. Because the principles of Al-Ahly are firm and do not change, and the player who leaves his desire does not return, regardless of his abilities.

Fawzi said that Ramadan Sobhi, the former Al-Ahly player, is living under pressure that kept him from his normal level, and he must focus, and advise him to focus on training, just as Abdullah Al-Saeed did, who overcame the ordeal and returned to his level, and I think that he began to regain his level, and this appeared by achieving influential goals.

Ramadan Sobhi, the Pyramids playmaker, regained its luster again, topping the league’s top scorer list, despite the pressures he had faced since his departure from the Red Castle, due to the anger of the Al-Ahly fans, which placed heavy burdens on the player’s shoulders with every opportunity wasted by what put him under pressure. To respond to critics.

Ramadan Sobhy scored a double with individual skill in his team’s 3-0 victory over the Arab Contractors team, to raise its score with Pyramids during the current season to 4 goals, and lead the heavenly team to fourth place in the league table in an attempt to stop the bleeding of points and return to compete for the league again.


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