Ahmed Saad: All journalists in Egypt and the Arab world asked for my opinion on Sherine and Hussam’s quarrel | news


Artist Ahmed Saad said that all journalists in Egypt and the Arab world contacted him in a hysterical way, to find out his opinion after publishing news about the strangulation of the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab and her husband, the artist Hossam Habib.

Ahmed Saad explained that he did not respond to them, and that he read the news but he was not aware of anything, and it did not happen that he separated them in the street, or the reason for reconciliation between them, as was said at the time.

Ahmed Saad said that he used to spread rumors about him, and he used to curse three days a week, but he let the rumors pass, and when the news of the quarrel appeared, he published an old photo that brought him together, and said that they were fine.

Regarding the idea of ​​singing a duet with Sherine, Ahmed Saad said that a strong friendship brings him and her, and his advice is to avoid working with friends and relatives, but he can sing a duet with the artist Asala, and this is not a reduction of Sherine’s value, nor an appreciation of the amount of authenticity.

This came during a media interview, Reham Saeed, with Ahmed Saad on the “Good Sabaya” program on Al-Nahar TV.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Saad jointly released the song “Ya Bakhteh” last November with artist Hani Shaker. Since its publication on Ahmed Saad’s official channel on the YouTube site, the song has achieved more than 6 million and 200,000 viewers.

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