Akram Hosni completes the second part of “The Biography” … today


The artist resolves Akram Hosni Today, at eleven in the evening, a guest on the “Biography” program presented by Wafaa Al-Kilani on the DMC satellite channel. He completes the second part of the episode in which he reveals surprises that he mentions for the first time concerning his personal and artistic life.

Akram Hosni: I stood on the October Bridge because of leprosy

Artist Akram Hosni said: The tone of my voice did not change when I was an officer, because I was in special operations, and most of the time we were assigned to secure some places, whether they were embassies or buildings, and I remember from the funniest situations that happened to me when I was securing the radio and television building, and I left my car without To close the windows, then a leper entered the car, and I had a phobia of reptiles, and I stood on the October bridge, and the police secretary came to understand why I was standing and did not get into the car until after they got the leprosy out of the car.

Akram Hosni and Wafa Al Kilani
Akram Hosni and Wafa Al Kilani

And the artist Akram Hosni continued, while he was hosting a biography program presented by the media, Wafaa Al Kilani, and broadcast on the channel DMCI applied to a competition for one of the radio stations, 30,000 were ahead of it, and they chose 20 of them, then only two, I was one of them, and when I submitted an application in the service it was rejected, and after a period I submitted again, and it was left for ten years in service when I was allowed to leave One year, I came and was accepted and I remember in my first coverage on the radio was the film The Yacoubian Building, and I went to record with Adel Imam and found nearly 400 journalists, and I entered until I was near him and I had to get down on my knees in order to be able to record with him, so he stopped for a moment to think Shall I do that? The issue is not easy, especially as I come from a military background, but within ten seconds I made the decision and got down on my knees and registered with him.

The artist Akram Hosni added, when I left the interior, my father was angry with me, and he remained speechless with me. He was looking at the look of a madman, so how could I leave all of that for a junior radio station, and I worked as a radio broadcaster from 2004 until 2017, and on television since 2009 Until 2017, the mistake I want to erase from my life is that I deeply regret every moment that my parents have not sat with me.


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