Al-Ahly concludes its preparations for the match of the Nigerian champion tomorrow


Al-Ahly team concludes its collective training today, Monday, in preparation for its match against Sonideb, champion of Niger, tomorrow, Tuesday, in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, in the match that the Red Genie seeks to achieve a positive result and confirm its rise to the African group stage, knowing that it achieved an important victory outside its home country with a clean goal. .

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani will deliver a theoretical lecture to the players to explain the match plan, and agree on some technical sentences that he intends to apply in front of the Niger champion, in addition to watching a set of videos of the Niger champion, especially the first-leg match in light of the difficulty of obtaining the video matches. Sunideep local, or in the preliminary rounds in the African Championship.

The players of the first football team at Al-Ahly Club were satisfied, yesterday afternoon, Sunday, to go through a hospitalization training session, and they performed a training session in the gym consisting of loosening muscles and light training, and although the technical staff had announced that the team would go through a session today, but uh retreated and decided to be satisfied with my hospitalization training before I Players undergo a medical examination 48 hours before the match against Sonideb, champion of Niger, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League..

Al-Ahly defeated Sonideb in the first leg in Niger with a clean goal bearing the signature of Mali Ali Diang, and the team got a break from training yesterday after the Tigris Valley match the day before yesterday, Friday, in the fifth round of the league championship..


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