Al-Ahly is a heavy guest on the “Al-Ahli Bank” in Max, in the mission of securing the top of the league


Al-Ahly team is a heavy guest at Al-Ahly Bank at 5 pm today, Sunday, at Haras El-Hodoud Stadium, in the eighth round of the Egyptian League competition, in a match during which the Red Genie aspires to continue victories in order to secure the top of the league, which sits on top with 16 points , And back from Alexandria with three points.

Al-Ahly entered a closed camp yesterday, Saturday, in a hotel in the city of Alexandria, as part of the preparation program for today’s signing, especially that the technical staff led by Pitso Musimani is counting on this match, given that the competitor is led by a technical staff that knows every small and large in the ranks of the red team, which may be an obstacle In front of the red genie to continue its victories.

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani gave the team’s players various training units in recent training, which saw a focus on the tactical aspect and the technical phrases that he intends to apply in today’s match.

Musimani and his followers watched a number of National Bank matches in order to find out the way he played and the style of Muhammad Yusef al-Khatti, who followed him with the team in the matches he played in the league, in addition to discussing his assistants and performance analysts in the elements of strength and the keys to the opponent’s play, in order to explain them to the players, as part of the attack plan. Landowner.

It is expected that Al-Ahly will start forming a component of, Muhammad Al-Shennawi in goalkeeping, Akram Tawfiq “Muhammad Hani”, Badr Bannon, Ayman Ashraf, Ali Maaloul in defense, Aliyu Diang, Hamdi Fathi, Hussein Al-Shahat, Afsha in the middle, Mahmoud Kahraba and Walter Bwalia “Muhammad Sharif” in the attack.

On the other hand, the National Bank seeks to achieve a positive result in front of the red giant, disrupting the title holder even by snatching a point from his teeth, as he preferred to play the match outside Cairo, so that the opportunity to pounce on Al-Ahly, especially since the technical staff of the National Bank led by Mohamed Youssef knows the capabilities of Al-Ahly players well And the way of playing, which may enable the newly promoted team to the Premier League to achieve a positive result.

Mohamed Youssef intends to play in a balanced manner between defense and attack, as he wants to take advantage of the first half of the match to threaten Al-Shenawi’s goal, taking advantage of the decline in the performance of the red giant in the first half, before his players wake up and raise his level in the second half.

The formation that the National Bank is expected to play in the Al-Ahly match today consists of Mahmoud Al-Zanfali in goalkeeping, Muhammad Kofi, Baha Magdy, Osama Ibrahim, Muhammad Magdy Asirla in defense, Maarouf Youssef, Muhammad Hamid and Muhammad Al-Muthanani, Moussa Diawara in the middle, Fadi Farid And Ahmed Yasser in the attack.


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