Al-Ahly uses “Ramadan Subhi” in the Arab Contractors match


South African Betsu Musimane, coach of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, uses the Pyramids match, especially the goals of Ramadan Sobhi, to study the Arab Contractors, who will face the Red Genie in the next round of the Premier League championship.

The technical staff refused to give its players a rest, after facing the National Bank, and is preparing to grab three new points.

The report of the auxiliary agency Mosimane will include the Al-Mokawloon match in the African Confederation Cup, and the matches of the last Premier League championship.

The report will also include the most prominent wolves players, strengths and weaknesses, and recordings of the opponent’s matches in the past period, and Al-Ahly seeks to resolve the match after stumbling in front of the National Bank yesterday at Al-Max Stadium in Alexandria.


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