Al-Ghandour as a referee for the Smouha and Pyramids match … and Hanafi for the Vanguards and Production


The referees committee of the Football Association chose the international referee, Ahmed Al-Ghandour, to manage the Smouha and Pyramids match today, Friday, in the ninth week of the Egyptian League, while the committee decided to appoint the international referee, Mohamed Al-Hanafi, for the Al-Jaish and Military Production match, and the two matches will be held at 2:30 pm on Friday.

The tripartite committee for managing the Football Association rejected the Pyramids club’s request to appoint foreign referees for its match against Al-Ahly Club on January 26 at the Air Defense Stadium within the framework of the tenth round matches of the Egyptian Premier League.

The officials of the tripartite committee clarified that foreign referees will not be brought in except for the Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches in the round-trip tournament as agreed upon, refusing to open the door to the introduction of foreign referees for the league matches.

The Pyramids Club formally submitted a request to the tripartite committee in charge of managing the Football Association in order to bring in foreign referees to manage the football team match against Al-Ahly Club, and Pyramids made it clear in his speech that he fully trusts the integrity of the Egyptian referees, but in the context of his desire to lift the embarrassment of the Football Association and the referees The Egyptians and the desire of the Pyramids club, which is consistent with the vision of the Al-Ahly club and announced in its last official statement, it is asking the Federation to bring in a foreign refereeing team for the match between the two teams in the league.

In his speech, the Sky Club stressed that it is committed to bearing all the costs and expenses required to bring in the refereeing team to manage the match and during its stay in Cairo until departure.


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