Al-Ismaili is considering moving the Mokawloon match to Jabal Al Akhdar, fearing the public anger


The Ismaili Club management is considering addressing their counterparts in the Arab Contractors in order to transfer the two teams ’match scheduled for the fifth on the afternoon of next Monday in the postponed meeting in the sixth round of the Jabal Al Akhdar League competition instead of holding it at Ismailia Stadium, provided that the second round match will be held in Ismailia, for fear of the overwhelming public anger The quiet city, after the Arab Cup bid farewell, and caused angry demonstrations in the streets of Ismailia, which the security forces managed to disperse and arrest the violators of the text.

And at five in the afternoon, Friday, the Ismaili team begins to prepare for the confrontation of the Arab Contractors after the return of the Dervish delegation from Morocco on Thursday evening after the exit from the Arab Cup, and the loss of Raja by three goals to one in the sum of the two matches of the semi-final round of the Mohammed VI Championship Clubs Championship, and registration opened for Raja in The return match, Mohsen Metwally, then added the substitute between Malango, the second goal, before Mahmoud Bin Halib spent on Al-Ismaili’s hopes by scoring the third goal in the 86th minute of the match.

With this result bid farewell Ismaily The championship after a tour in which he reached the semi-final round, by defeating Al-Ahly of Libya, Al-Jazira of the United Arab Emirates, and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, before defeating Moroccos Raja.

The Board of Directors of the Ismaili Club headed by Ibrahim Othman is intensifying its efforts at the present time to search for a foreign artistic director with a strong CV to lead the dervishes during the coming period, as the council believes that the foreign coach is the best for the dervishes, as it has been decided to thank Abu Talib Al-Issawi, the current technical director of the team, especially After leaving the Arab Cup, and losing to Raja by three goals to one goal in the aggregate of the two semi-final matches of the Mohammed VI Champions Clubs Championship.

He punished to train Ismaily Since the arrival of the Council of Engineer Ibrahim Othman, 19 coaches during the three and a half years, I started with Emad Suleiman, the end of Abu Talib Al-Essawi, the current coach, whose continuation was announced temporarily until the end of the Moroccan Raja match.

Ismaili is ranked twelfth in the league table with six points, after playing six matches, winning one match, drawing three matches, losing two matches, and his players scored 7 goals and conceded 8 goals.


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