Al-Khatib follows Maran Al-Ahly … Musimani is angry at the players


The Chairman of Al-Ahly Club, Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, followed the training of the first football team today, Sunday, January 10, with the South African technical director of the Red Genie Mosimane.

Al-Ahly players fought a strong division along the stadium with the participation of two guards, in preparation for the next war production in the league, on Tuesday, January 12th.

The South African coach of Al-Ahly Club, Musimane, was keen to talk to the players and stop the training more than once to correct mistakes and demand the implementation of the planning side.

The South African coach was angry at the players ’mistakes, and focused on ball training during the training session that was held this afternoon at the touch stadium.

Al-Ahly club players carried out more than its division, during which the technical staff carried out the planning part, in preparation for facing the military production.

The Chairman of Al-Ahly Club, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, was reassured of the team’s conditions after his return from the UAE, in a quick meeting with Musimani.

The training of the first football team at Al-Ahly club also witnessed a qualifying training for the trio of the team, Amr Al-Soleya Junior Ajay and Mahmoud Waheed, after returning from injury.

The Al-Ahly club trio returning from injury are preparing to participate again with the team in the Egyptian League and the African Champions League.


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