Ali Al-Hajjar celebrates his 18th wedding anniversary with his wife and two children: my real wealth (video)


In a family atmosphere, the singer Ali Al-Hajjar celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary with his children Jana and Youssef, where his fans shared photos and videos on social media, indicating that they are his real wealth.

ونشر On the stones, Through his Facebook account, “video” during the celebration of Christmas, and commented: “From this hour, the nights of mourning are the best of happiness, and the nights of money and the world are in an Idea with its name and its lands … and with its sun and moon that is my angel Lea .. 18 years .. our little celebration is far My marriage is with my true fortune. “

It is noteworthy that the great musician Helmy Bakr revealed the scenes of his work with the singer Ali Al-Hajjar, to present a song in the coming days and said, “I am working on a song by Ali Al-Hajjar that you will hear soon .. It was filmed and the audience should receive .. and the name of the song is a surprise.”

On the stones
On the stones

Musician Helmy Bakr said in televised statements that the increase in youth’s taste in terms of festival songs does not represent the majority, adding: “It represents the taste of some people, but not all of them… In America every sunrise gets the experience of 3000 songs a day .. If we hit them in 365 days, we will make trillions of songs. “.

He explained that the audience is the one who makes the good from the singers, and it is made by Muhammad Abdel Wahhab and given him the title of the musician of the generations, and also Umm Kulthum got the title of Planet of the East .. And Abdel Halim Hafez Al-Nightalib Al-Asmar .. therefore, the audience some of them do the good and some make the bad.


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