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It is clear that the government places the issue of the modern irrigation system among its priorities. Hardly a week passes until the president has called for a meeting attended by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, and with him, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Ati, Minister of Irrigation, and the topic is this type of irrigation, and the steps we have taken on the road to Spread it as widely as possible !.

And when I mentioned this a few days ago, it stopped me that the government is seeking to implement this system in five million feddans, and that work is being done on one million of them, and that it is also seeking to line twenty thousand kilometers of canals, and that work is being carried out in seven thousand of them!

And my assessment was and still is that this is an excellent work because the pursuit of it is necessarily an obligatory awareness of what our behavior should be as we use the quantities of water available to us! … But the problem is that this perception has not yet been completed, and the proof of that is that we are still watering the gardens and trees. In the streets with hoses, the majority of people still misbehave with water everywhere!

The government wants, from behind modern irrigation, and behind the lining of canals, to use every amount of water in a way that does not allow any of it to be wasted .. This is what we should have paid attention to and do for years because our number is increasing, while our share of the eternal river is constant and does not increase, and because Heaven orders us in every heavenly religion not to misuse water at any time .. We all memorize the old saying which advises us not to overuse water even if we are staying on a river that flows!

I do not know whether lining canals is the best system for preserving water in them, or if there are other better alternatives towards achieving the same goal! … I ask Dr. Abdel Ati whether extending huge concrete pipes in the place of each canal is better, or is it that Lining is the best and most economical?! .. I remember that laying concrete pipes was the method used in establishing the agricultural drainage network in past years, and that this was done quickly and easily .. So why not try it in irrigation, especially since it will not save water from leaking into the ground And only .. as is the case with lining .. but will protect it from evaporation as well?!.

I invite the minister to study this idea, then present it to the prime minister, and after him to the head of state, so that we may save what is possible in time, effort, water, and costs!

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