Amer Hussein: In the Al-Shenawi incident, competitions are not entitled to take the video of the match


Amer Hussein, head of the former Football Association’s Competitions Committee, confirmed that the Competitions Committee does not have the right to take video tapes in an incident that occurred between the referee and one of the players, but rather with the referee’s report only, and Amer Hussein said on the “B On Time” program with the journalist Karim Ramzi: The subject of suspension El-Shennawi needs an explanation from within the committee, and if the referee was written in his report, the penalty is appropriate to suspend 4 matches, but in the event that the referee did not announce a warning or dismissal, the investigation must be opened and the referees committee heard its justifications, so that no one was wronged.

He added: It is not permissible to take this incident by video in a case that the referee did not record in his report, we take the video only in the cases that the referee records, especially if the incident is directly related to the referee, but in the case of clashes between the players and some of them, the video clips are taken, the referee must explain why No yellow or red card for El Shinawi was published, and there has to be an investigation.

Wasel: There was an incident involving Amr Zaki that caused a problem. The language of the lips was used as a mistake for someone, and after referring to the referees committee it became clear that this matter might be unfair to the player, so I deleted it from the list.

He continued: An incident occurred to one of the referees in the Al-Masry and Zamalek match, and the referee said that he was pressured, and he said this two or three days after the match, and therefore a clause was placed that the referee, in the event of being pressured, informs the observer and the observer completes the match instead.

He added: Pressures are always present, but it is not permissible in the competitions committee that works with official reports to be affected by them. I am 10 years old and I have not changed a single decision, whether in the competitions committee or appeals, and my age has not listened to pressure or social media.

Amer Hussein added: My whole life is in football, and I am now in the Football Association in Alexandria branch, and I am still in the air. The one who assumes responsibility has to be aware of all pressures and have a way to deal with them, and in the end history is the one who will judge my honor as that I worked 10 years with a committee Contests and satisfied with all the decisions that I made.

He added: The last period was a lot of talk after the most difficult league in the history of Egyptian football, in terms of dates and competition, especially with the trio of Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids, and the three have great media power, and therefore they exert great pressure on the Union.

He concluded: I made it clear to all the clubs before the start of the 2018 season that the season will extend beyond the African nations, and only 4 games remain, and engineer Faraj Amer and Chancellor Mortada went out and said that the league will not be completed, and I took the challenge and succeeded in this, and I said that we give the opportunity to young people, and in the season Half of them gave a good performance. I don’t mind returning to the competition committee. I work at any time if the atmosphere is appropriate.

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