Amr Diab catches the eye with a video clip with a famous Arab businesswoman


Many of the pioneers of the social networking site Instagram shared a video clip of the singer “Amr Diab” at the birthday party of the Syrian businesswoman, “Reem Abu Samra”, during her presence in Dubai.

That video led to a state of widespread controversy, as many rumors emerged about the relationship of the artist “Amr Diab” Prem Abu Samra, “the Syrian businesswoman.” He also raised the question marks that spread to his videos with her while he accepted them.

The plateau “Amr Diab” appeared in a new photo with the organizers of the Dubai party and its followers, which was held yesterday, and published it through his personal account on the social networking site in order to exchange videos and Instagram photos.

It is worth noting that a number of different social media users circulated a picture to the plateau, “Amr Diab,” in which he appears with a blonde girl in a hotel. The picture raises many questions about the identity of that girl and her relationship with him.

In fact, that photo goes back to the New Year celebrations two weeks ago, where the artist “Amr Diab” was in Dubai to celebrate the current year, and that girl took her photo with him there, and she is a model that holds the nationality of one of the European countries.

Appeared with the Kuwaiti Fashionista:

The artist, “Amr Diab,” sparked controversy a few days ago by appearing with “Rawan Bin Hussein”, the Kuwaiti fashionista, with a picture through her personal account on the social networking site in order to exchange videos and photos on Instagram, inside a restaurant in the United Arab Emirates while one of her friends celebrated her birthday.

Appeared with the famous Swiss blogger:

The artist “Amr Diab” also appeared, accompanied by a foreign girl named “Karolina Zubkova”, a famous Swiss blogger with a Russian origin.

After the spread of her picture with the artist “Amr Diab”, Carolina broke out of her silence in order to talk about the story of the picture, and explained: “I know that he is attractive, but I am a good girl and married.”


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