Amr Diab releases his latest album, “Ya Ana Ya Lala”, in stores … a photo


The plateau, Amr Diab, announced through his Instagram account the launch of his latest album in stores, after a period of launching it through the electronic platforms, where the songs of the album achieved great success and interaction on the part of his fans greatly, as he appeared in the name of the plateau and the songs of the album Trends more than once And Al-Hadaba wrote on his Instagram account: “Get now the original copy of Amr Diab’s new album, Ya Ana Ya Laa.”

Amr Diab 1
Amr diab

In a separate context, the artist, Amr Diab, a plastic surgeon, Mohamed Al-Sagheer, mourned the father of the media Maha Al-Sagheer, who left our world, the day before Friday, after his condition deteriorated after infection with the Coronavirus, and Amr Diab wrote in a blog post on his Twitter account: My sincere condolences for the death of dear friend Muhammad Al-Sagheer, may God have mercy on him, and inspire his family with patience and solace. ”

Amr Diab had shared his fans and fans through his personal account on the social networking site Instagram, a video clip revealing the scenes of his last concert in the United Arab Emirates, as part of the activities of the shopping festival, where the video documented the extent of the audience’s interaction with him during the ceremony, along with the appearance of his daughter Kenzi and his son Abdullah With him on stage, the account of the plateau commented on the video, saying: “Summary of the Dubai 2021 concert .. The summary of Amr Diab’s concert at Dubai International Stadium.”

The plateau, Amr Diab, celebrated the reactions about the appearance of his two sons Kenzi and Abdullah He accompanied him on stage in his last concert in Dubai, after the video spread on social media, where the plateau shared his audience with a new “video” that combines two different times of different ages, and both: Kenzi and Abdullah appeared at a young age, and the video included their appearance at the ceremony The latter, commenting: “Different ages and the same love for Kenzi and Abdullah.”

On Friday, Amr Diab held a concert in Dubai, as part of the shopping festival that recently started in the United Arab Emirates, and the official page of Amr Diab was published on the “Facebook” website, with 18 pictures summarizing the concert that the plateau performed in a stadium Dubai International, in the presence of the lyricist Tamer Hussein and composer Aziz El Shafei.


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