Amr Youssef publishes a picture with his daughter “Hayat” for the first time


The artist participated Amr Youssef His fans and followers have special moments that he collected with his only daughter, Hayat, for the first time since her birth, through his account on the Instagram site.

And “Youssef” appeared in the picture while he was playing with his daughter, who was pasting pictures on his face and eyes, while he began to completely surrender to her. He commented, “Do you think, can I be more open?” The life of Amr Youssef ”.

The artist Kinda Alloush had revealed in a television interview that her daughter “Hayat” is more like Amr Youssef, and the latter calls his daughter “O Wad Yauda” and that her daughter Hayat is “naughty” like Amr.

We mention that Amr Youssef and Kinda Alloush had their baby daughter Hayat in November 2018, after they got married in January 2017 after a love story between them.


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