An Egyptian artist reveals shocking secrets about her life and the reason for hiding her marriage and childbirth – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Egyptian actress, Samah Anwar, revealed shocking secrets about her life and the reason for hiding her only marriage and childbearing.

Samah Anwar admitted, for the first time, that she regretted the decision to hide her only marriage, and not announce the birth of her only son, Adham, and her claim that she adopted him.

Samah Anwar revealed, during a TV interview, that she “did all this in response to the advice of her father, the late writer Anwar Abdullah, who convinced her that announcing the marriage would harm her popularity, as he expected the marriage to end quickly,” adding: “I did not love my husband, but I felt comfortable.” With him, but he loved me, and the reason for hiding my marriage with him was in response to my father’s desire.

She continued, saying, “I got married during a period when I was very artistic, and my parents believed that marriage would disrupt my artistic career, and they expected that this marriage would not last long, and that the point of my pregnancy from him was very difficult for them.”

Her husband’s betrayal

She said, “She separated from her husband after discovering his betrayal of her, and she confirmed that she knew that her husband was cheating on her long before her, and she ignored the matter at the beginning.”

She added, “I saw my husband’s betrayal of me, but I did not confront him. I went to my mother and told her about the decision to separate, and I thought that she would be happy, because she did not agree to marry at first, but she advised me to be patient with my husband, but I refused, and I made the decision.”

Samah Anwar denied the existence of any emotional relationship she had with the artist Samir Sabry, confirming that he was a colleague and the great professor, and also revealed the secret of not remarrying, confirming that she had not undergone an emotional experience for more than 24 years after giving birth to her son Adham, and justified her failure to fall in love by saying that Not ready to experience it again.



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