An incomplete Iranian movie!


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A few days ago, the media presented something produced by one of the militias that use Katyusha to express their opinion, and this thing they called “a short film” appeared deficient in its thought, ethics, techniques and representation, and did not go beyond its naive propaganda function, as it expressed the pattern of thinking, level and culture of the organization The one that produced it, which is completely consistent with its behavior in expressing opinion and distorting facts, and it seems that this propaganda work came as an attempt to translate the charade of Hezbollah’s leader in his talk about Barzani about the attack of “ISIS” on Makhmour, which he stated a while ago claiming that Soleimani visited President Barzani, Expressing his country’s readiness to help, knowing that Soleimani called the president and did not visit him, and President Barzani mentioned this on more than one occasion and in front of public opinion, and the last incomplete film really succeeded in transforming Nasrallah’s statements and representative claims into a miserable short film that only lacks honesty and morals.

What is inferred from this game is the psychological projections that these parties suffer not only with Barzani personally, but with the Peshmerga as a force that has proven its worth globally and has transformed from forces to protect the region into a global symbol for combating and destroying terrorism, this projection is historically accumulated deficiency groups of vehicles from which many forces suffer The political, which dealt with the Kurdish issue, especially in recent years, whether in Iraq, Iran, or the rest of the neighboring countries, which failed to present a prosperous humanitarian model for its people, based on acceptance of the other and the peaceful coexistence that characterized the Kurdistan Region since its autonomy in 1992 and the establishment of its constitutional institutions.

The “ISIS” war that targeted Kurdistan, its experience and its entity, was an absolutely racist and regional ideological war in which the goals and means were consistent, even if some differences appeared here and there. The evidence and results of what happened have confirmed that ISIS is not just a religious ideological organization whose purpose is to spread the influence of religion and its law in the eyes of its leaders, but rather a destructive project aimed at all the different ethnic, national and religious components with its approach, and at the forefront of that is the Kurdistan Region and its people, where the President realized Massoud Barzani, the seriousness of this attack, did not sit in his office to manage the movements of his forces and their defenses, but rushed to the first lines of the fight and was not alone, but took with him all who could carry weapons from his children, brothers and sons, distributing them on all front lines with the invasions of ISIS, where Perhaps for the first time in the history of war, the fighter felt that the Commander-in-Chief, his sons and brothers were fighting side by side with the soldiers, the same as any soldier in arms, ammunition, food and drink, until God wrote to them all the victory and the protection of Kurdistan, its land and its people from that barbaric attack.

The Islamic State was not a monopoly as claimed by a particular sect. Rather, it succeeded in gathering all doctrines under a brutal racist tent, full of sick instincts and dreams, taking advantage of differences and blurring all sides, and it is not surprising what the media and important American information showed about close cooperation between Iranian parties Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi forces are with this organization, which was received with roses in many cities and towns by those whose hands and pockets were contaminated with the blood of the Kurds and their money in the Anfal and the looting and plundering that accompanied all the wars of the Iraqi regimes against Kurdistan. Indeed, it was an incomplete film by all considerations in front of a clear truth that became a symbol In the world in wars and the fight against the most powerful force in terrorism throughout history, this is the championship of the Peshmerga and its leader and the great victory painting, which was painted by the blood of 1755 martyrs and 10 thousand wounded Peshmerga, in which the Kurdistan Region was protected and the myth of the terrorist “ISIS” was broken.

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