“An old, lonely and distant woman” … An eighty-year-old woman, handcuffed and killed, was found in Menoufia


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The Shebin El-Kom Prosecution Office in Menoufia Governorate has begun investigating a heinous crime that occurred in the city of Shebin El-Kom, which is the killing of an eighty-year-old woman living alone in her home, who was found by neighbors handcuffed and killed, while the security services in Menoufia intensified their efforts to arrest the murderer of the woman in her home On the eastern mainland of the city of Shebin al-Kom.

Major General Ahmed Farouq Al-Qarn, Director of Menoufia Security, received a notification from the Shebin Al-Kom Police Department to inform the families that the body of an eighty-year-old woman, handcuffed, had been found in her home in Shebin al-Koum, indicating a criminal suspicion of the death.

Brigadier General Abdullah Jalal, Director of Menoufia Investigation, decided to form a team to search to uncover the mystery of the incident, and it was found that the woman lived alone in the house and that the neighbors were looking after her and fulfilling her requests because she was alone and alone, and that they discovered the death.

The investigations concluded that the woman was loved by everyone and had a good relationship with her neighbors, and that she had not given birth and was alone and moved in a wheelchair, and the investigations department continues its efforts to arrest the killer.

A team from the Shebin al-Kom Prosecution office inspected the scene of the accident and heard the neighbors ’forces. The prosecution stated that the body would be buried after the forensic medicine completed its work.

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