An urgent decision from the Zamalek club management towards the team


The committee in charge of managing Zamalek club affairs, headed by Major General Counselor Emad Abdel Aziz, decided to immediately implement the policy of disbursing winning rewards in the premier league matches, as part of the current administration’s policy to impose a state of stability within the team and motivate players to win in all confrontations and compete fiercely for tournaments.

The tripartite committee in Zamalek decided to give the players winning bonuses before the next training for any match in which a victory was achieved, which led to a state of comfort and reassurance for the players.

Ashraf Qasim, the football supervisor at Zamalek Club, revealed that the club management applies the entire list to the team’s players, whether rewards or penalties are in secrecy, and in case there is a penalty against any player, it will be announced if the club management wants to announce.

Ashraf Qassem added that in the event of sanctions against Zamalek players, they are not announced out of respect for the stability of the team and not to provoke crises within the ranks of the White Castle.

Ashraf Qasim stressed that the management of football in Zamalek depends on justice between players in reward and punishment, and no player will be subjected to technical or material injustice, especially as the team’s players have proven that they are as responsible for the fans in maintaining the march of successes and continuing to compete for the league title and tournaments in which the team participates in the season. Present.

Ashraf Qassem called on the fans of Zamalek to stand behind the team and celebrate the performance and recent results achieved by the White and stay away from the crises that would stir up strife within the team.


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