Annabi defeats Argentina and awaits Croatia


The Qatar national team defeated its Argentine counterpart, Monday evening, 26-25, in the last round of the 2021 World Handball Championship.

The first half ended with the Argentine team leading the country over its Qatari counterpart, 13-12, after maintaining its lead since the first minute of the match.

With the beginning of the second half, the Qatari team equalized 13-13, but it did not last long until Argentina returned and continued to advance to 19-15 by the 38th minute.

In the 49th minute, the Qatar national team advanced for the first time in the match against Argentina, with a score of 21-20, but it did not last long to enable the Tango to equalize quickly.

Qatar rose up in the last 10 minutes and scored twice over Argentina, ending the match in the end for Qatar, 26-25.

With that result, Argentina and their Qatari counterparts are equal in number of points, but the latter surpasses them in direct confrontations.

Croatia is fourth with 5 points, and in the event of winning its last match against Denmark, it will reach the seventh point and guarantee qualification to the quarter-finals of the World Handball Championship.

Argentina has a chance to qualify in the event that Denmark draws with Croatia, where the three teams will be equal with 6 points, and by returning to direct confrontations, we will find that Argentina beat Croatia 23-19, but lost 25-26 against Qatar, and Al-Annabi fell to Coratia 24-26.

In that case, the goal difference will be resorted to, which is in the interest of Argentina.


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