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Days have passed quickly since I left our world, Umm Kulthum in such days in the year 1973! I had the luck to meet this great lady many times. I remember the first time when my mother invited her and her husband, Dr. El Hefnawi, to have dinner at our house in Zamalek. I do not remember the details of the meeting, but all I remember is that she asked my sister about the health of my father, “Mustafa Amin,” who was spending years in prison for an unjust and fabricated charge. As for the last meeting with her, I remember it clearly as if it happened yesterday: She accompanied me and my sister to President Sadat’s house in Giza in 1971. We met there with Mrs. Jihan Sadat, who welcomed us well. And I promised that President Sadat would release my father immediately after the war. My sister and I cried because we did not believe her, because at that time we did not believe that he would fight! And the crossing took place, and Sadat fulfilled his promise .. So my father, Mustafa Amin, was released with a blanket pardon. The punishment was forfeited, and it was not a health release as some rumored!

We go back to the six Umm Kulthum, a poor, destitute farmer whose father was unable to pay her the expenses of the book, and with her hard work and patience, she was able to publish the classical Arabic language when she sang Shawqi’s immortal poems, and she was able to teach herself and master a foreign language, and become one of the most educated and well-informed women .

This great artist traveled to the Arab countries to support the war effort, while she was sick … She traveled all over the Arab world. She held her concerts in Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Bahrain, and Iraq .. She collected large quantities of gold jewelry from the royal families, and from Kuwait specifically, 60 kilograms of gold, which she presented to the war effort. She was not satisfied with that, but in Paris she revived her two famous concerts, and she fell unconscious in the second party! The outcome of her concerts was about $ 3 million, which she waived to support the Egyptian army, prompting many writers, artists and citizens to donate their money, jewelry, and their effort to rebuild the Egyptian army.

It was said on the authority of Umm Kulthum that she was stingy and scarce, but in reality she was secretly paying monthly salaries to dozens of families. How many engineers, doctors, judges, I helped to reach the highest positions. And when one day my father asked her why she refused to loan a mutual friend the amount he needed. She answered: My interest is for people to say about me miserly, so that the hysteria and swindlers are away from me .. And our friend lost a large sum yesterday on the gambling table, so I wanted to discipline him and did not lend him, so that he would know the humiliation of gambling!

People knew Umm Kulthum, and we knew another Umm Kulthum. They knew the legend and we knew the human being!

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