Apple is planning to launch iPhone 13 with an on-screen fingerprint … Know the details


Compared to the changes that could include the company’s iMac and MacBook Pro computers, Apple is said to be planning to make more subtle improvements to its iPhone lineup in 2021, which may be called the iPhone 13, according to Mark Gorman of Bloomberg. The next will be an upgrade only for phones this year, after they introduced many improvements in the iPhone 12, however, new models can include at least one feature, which is the fingerprint scanner inside the screen.

Apple has an interesting history with fingerprint scanners, and although it was one of the first companies to spread the technology with the iPhone 5S in 2013, it also started moving away from it a lot from what other companies did when it introduced the iPhone. X in 2017.

With its focus on Face ID, the company has completely skipped the transition to in-screen fingerprint sensors, but the coronavirus pandemic appears to have changed his mind about the technology, and according to Gorman, the feature won’t replace Face ID, but it will give you an alternative way to authenticate your identity if you wear a mask. Or if you find that Face ID is not working as it should.

Gurman also reported that Apple has been testing foldable screens, and said the company doesn’t have a robust technology plan yet and warned that it could take years before it has something to show the public, and he may also decide that the iPhone’s foldable screen isn’t worth following.


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