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Many users wonder about company phones lovers.Samsung“On the extent of the feasibility of moving from the Galaxy S20 series that was released last year, or even the Galaxy Note20 series, and whether the new series really deserves an upgrade with the advantages it brings this year.

“Erm News” reviews the most prominent differences and points that will judge the need for promotion between the previous and current generations of the chain, according to what we have seen:


Design language

Tech experts and phone reviewers say the design language differed significantly. What made the new series one of the most beautiful series launched in recent years, thanks to the wide screen, the few edges and the dazzling brightness of the screen, and the screen is adaptive during the display, switching between update speeds according to what is running on the device.

Processor performance

Technical reports indicate that the new processor, whether it is the “Snapdragon” processor from “Qualcomm” or “Exynos” from Samsung, gives 20% better performance, 35% better graphical performance, and the neural processing unit is twice as good, with connectivity support With the fifth generation technology.


Storage space

The new series with the Galaxy S21 and S21 + offers two options of storage space, either 128 or 256 GB, while in the previous generation the available space was only 128 GB, and the memory here was 8 GB the same last year, and this year Samsung removed the additional memory card.

The power of cameras

The camera body this year compared to the previous generation is larger and different, also we noticed the thickness of the device with the camera body in the new generation is larger, and Samsung talked about improving the imaging performance compared to the old generation, while taking care to improve the performance of the cameras that come compatible with the components of the device.


Battery and charging

The two devices come with a 4000 mAh battery as the previous generation phones came, and artificial intelligence improves the user experience with the new generation battery, although all devices have the same charging capacity, the new 5 nm processor gives better performance than the 7 nm processor that came in the previous generation.

Prices differences

The new generation of the S21 series comes at nearly $ 900, while the previous generation currently sells for between $ 500-600.



If you own one of the flagship Galaxy S20 series phones of any category, it still maintains its strength and ability to compete until now, and although the differences that the new series for 2021 brought are noticeable, it does not force the user to sacrifice a large price difference in order to acquire the generation the new.


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