At the age of 30, she studied sign language. The daughter of Sherine Reda and Amr Diab catches the eye


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The daughter of the artist Amr Diab and Sherine Reda, who is called Nour, has returned to the attention of the past few hours, after publishing her photo on her personal page in “Instagram”, and again she receives comments about the convergence of her features with her parents, the artists, the young woman who decided to stay away from the cameras many years ago. She rarely appears with her father in concerts or video clips, as she lives her personal life naturally like the rest of her siblings Kenzi, Jana and Abdullah with their father’s wife, Zeina Ashour.

But who is “Nour”, the eldest daughter of “Diab”, and what are the interests that attract her more than a preoccupation with art? The spoiled girl is the first child the artist has received from the first wife, “Reda”, who mentioned her name in his song “Nour Al-Ain”, which he launched In 1996, the song included the phrase: “Habibi, Nour Al-Ain, O inhabitant of my imagination,” and added its name to a second song in 2003, “My Treasure”, and sings “Oh my treasure and all that I have is the love of my heart and the light of my eyes .. the beauty of the world in my eyes.”

These were the beginnings of the audience of the two artists getting to know their daughter, and they both revealed the pictures of the child and receiving love from her parents, until the little girl reached primary school and was absent for years until she reappeared at the university level with her mother and siblings in London, and she is currently 30 years old. She was born in 1990, and the young woman had been living in London since 2000 with her stepmother’s second wife, “Ashour” and her three sons, and she loved the light of Western dance, and at the age of 17 she wanted to become a novelist.

The young woman studied many disciplines throughout her life. She began studying “Biology” in an Egyptian university, then continued her education in London by obtaining a master’s in Marketing. She also studied business administration there, and in 2017 she started learning sign language in order to work in that field, and she learned French and Spanish . And for a long time she was known among her family as “Al-Aqleh”, due to the fact that she is the oldest among her brothers. As for her mother, the artist, “Reda”, she talked about their relationship with each other, saying in the “Hana Al Asimah” program, presented by the media to Mays Al Hadidi, that she does not feel remorse for her early marriage to “Diab” at the age of 20, since her marriage came to her daughter Nour.

The artist pointed out that she does not seek to see her as a bride, for she does not believe that all women should marry, and she continued: “I don’t regret that I got married on my turn, because this left me with light, I don’t see her as a bride in which there are other needs that she does other than permissibility. People are married and retarded. We need to develop a little. I myself see my happy daughter, not a bride. She works and studied business administration, marketing and sign language. She does not cut each day and goes to get married even if she loves hours in more important needs. Love is necessary between the man and the six ?! ”

“Nour” was the reason why her mother retired from art for a long time. In a meeting with Sherine Reda, she said: “When Nour gave birth, she was my life, and I did not do anything in this world other than taking care of her, and I thought that she needed a mother with her.” In another meeting, Sherine expressed The friendship that binds to her daughter, “Nour,” commented: “She never lied to me, for she does not need to do anything without my knowledge, and she is not afraid of me, and her age did not make me worry about her because she was very frank with me.” While she talked about her daughter, while hosting her in “Her Excellency” program: “Nour was my life, and when I left Nour, I retired from acting for a long time in order to devote myself to her. When I entered school, I returned again.”

A few months ago, the young woman published a picture of her childhood with her mother, telling her on Instagram: “Hi Mama”, and the artist responds, expressing her deep longing for her, while Nour returned to attract attention with her relationship with the artist Dina El-Sherbiny, who was rumored that there was a story of love and marriage between the artist and “Diab”, past years, and sent a message to Dina, publishing her photo through the “Alasturi” feature, and telling her: “I miss you, Dina,” and the young woman has owned a personal page on “Instagram” since 2016, leaving her pictures publicly, and about 150 thousand are following her. Until now, the young woman is still living her life outside Egypt to pursue her studies and work in London.

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