Auction in the United States for the sale of tools and weapons, allegedly to the Soviet “KGB”


A auction in the United States of tools and weapons allegedly belonging to the


An exhibitor in the United States is preparing to hold a public auction to sell a range of spy tools that were used in the Cold War, including weapons allegedly belonging to the KGB.

The newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the group, which will be displayed, is owned by the “KGB” spy museum in Manhattan in New York City, noting that the epidemiological situation prompted the museum to be closed.

It took more than 30 years to collect the Cold War artefacts from the museum’s owner, Julius Orbitis, and related to the KGB.

Earlier, the museum’s chief financial officer, Martin Nolan, expected great interest in this auction, especially from people fond of the espionage world.

Among the items that will be offered for sale are a red lipstick single bullet pistol, a handbag, and special photographic equipment, including a camera hidden in a tie.

Source: Novosti

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