Ayman Younes: Shikabala is the first time to feel his role as leader of Zamalek and I trust Nightingale


Ayman Younes, the former star of Zamalek, believes that Mahmoud Abdel Razzaq Shikabala, captain of the Zamalek club, felt his role as the team leader for the first time during the case of Ahmed Sayed Zizou’s shows, after his tweet on Twitter. He feels his role as a team captain and gets to speak, I want to see whoever did what. Look, the player will continue to behave like me. I did my assignment and the committee handed everything, and I am very confident in Abdel Halim Ali, I don’t worry about Zamalek.

He added: Zamalek is strong with its fans, but now we must focus on supporting Egypt in the Handball World Cup, and Al-Ahly in the World Cup clubs. I want to compete with my family and your team. You have 90 minutes in the stadium, but outside the stadium we are all sons of Egypt.

He continued: The process of distorting Egypt in football and distorting relations is over. Show your manners and morals in 90 minutes on the field, and this is my philosophy. I enjoyed 45 days serving Zamalek and the assignment is over, Zamalek is rich with his children and many wished for help, and in people I helped in return, but there are many who helped Free.

Mahmoud Abdel Razzaq Shikabala, captain of Zamalek Club, confirmed that Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the maker of the White Castle games, continues with the team despite the attractive offers he received recently.

Shikabala said through his Twitter account: As the captain and captain of the Zamalek club team, I announce all support for the current board of directors and the technical staff of the team, and we assure the great audience that the news circulating is not true, Zizou Zamalekawy and Mukmal at his home … and our focus is me and all the players on the stadium only. Long live Zamalek and its fans.


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