Ayman Younes: The appointment of a contracting manager for Zamalek … and negotiations with Sassi are on the right path


Ayman Younes, CEO of the football committees at Zamalek Club, revealed the appointment of a new contract manager in the coming hours at Zamalek Club, and it will be announced later.

In a statement to Ontime Stadium program presented by Saif Zaher on the Ontime Sports channel, Younes said that Ferjani Sassi is a respected player, and his agent is a good character, noting that the Tunisian player loves Zamalek a lot, and the renewal matters are on the right track.

A source within the Football Committee in Zamalek revealed in advance that Sassi requested to obtain 2 million and 200 thousand euros per season, equivalent to 42 million and 280 thousand pounds per season, in addition to taxes, registration fees and some other fees that amount to 800 thousand euros for one season, i.e. Approximately 15 million and 376 thousand pounds, and thus the first season of Fergani Sassi in Zamalek costs the club’s treasury 3 million euros, equivalent to 57 million and 660 thousand pounds.

The source added that if the player gets the same amount in the three seasons, the total amount that Zamalek treasury will bear in the new Fergani Sassi contract will be 172 million and 980 thousand pounds.

On the other hand, Tunisian Ferjani Sassi surprised Zamalek club officials with a strange and unexpected request during the past few hours, after he expressed his desire to obtain a leave to travel to Tunisia due to his suffering from some psychological crises at the present time.


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