Ayman Younis announces his departure from Zamalek next week


Ayman Younis, a member of the Zamalek Football Committee, announced his departure from the White Castle, confirming that he will hand over the mission next week, and Ayman Younis said in his philosopher program on On Sport FM, “The assignment of my work was a month and I have my life and work, and I was a volunteer for the service of Zamalek to ensure the administrative organization The technician in the football squad was commissioned by Minister Dr. Ashraf Sobhy.

Ayman Yunus adds, “Currently, Ashraf Qassem and Abdel Halim are successful and have good workers, and Khaled Rifaat is a good worker in the Marketing Committee, Farouk Jaafar works 24 hours, and Hussein Al-Sayed and Adel Abdel Wahid are all cooperative and work.”

Ayman Yunus added, “I successfully completed my mission and made sure to fill the house from the inside. I will hand over everything next week after holding a session with the minister before leaving.”

The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club issued an official statement regarding the professional offers received by a number of the players of the first football team in the recent period, led by Mostafa Mohamed, the team striker, who received an offer to professionalize in the French Saint-Etienne ranks, as well as Ferjani Sassi, who is still procrastinating. In renovation due to recent offers.

The text of Zamalek’s statement came as follows.

Notice recently that some of the first football team players have received foreign professional offers, and as these presentations threaten the stability of the team, which the Zamalek management seeks, which has taken upon itself this responsibility towards the fans of Zamalek club.

And wondering as well that these offers are received by the players of the first team of the club without the rest of the other clubs, which means that it is a systematic act to destroy the stability of the team, and this is what the management is not satisfied with after being alerted to that.

Therefore, the committee decided not to consider any external professional offers at the present time in order to preserve the stability of the team and its responsibility towards the fans.


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