Bahaa Sultan on cooperation with “Free Music”: “A conversation is not forthcoming at the moment.”


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The artist, Bahaa Sultan, said that talking about his cooperation in the coming period with Free Music or others is out of the question at the present time.

“Sultan” added, in a press release, on Saturday evening, that he had never sought a dispute with producer Nasr Mahrous.

Producer Nasr Mahrous had announced the return of singer Bahaa Sultan to his company after long years of disagreement. Where Nasr Mahrous published pictures that he collected with Bahaa Sultan and commented on them, “My son is in art and my brother is honored by Baha Sultan. Congratulations to return to your home Free Music.”

The following is the text of Baha Sultan’s statement:

: «In the beginning, I have never sought a quarrel with anyone … neither the producer Nasr Mahrous nor anyone else, but I believe the fans have the right to know. What happened last Monday, January 19, 2021, is that I went to record the first of four songs because I was affected by an engineering defect I have a relationship with him because I previously registered them, and with my cooperation in getting them out satisfactorily, I asked the court to allow them to be re-registered, and we started with “I am the wrong”

Sultan added that according to the court ruling, the company has three songs left other than the one that was registered, and they are “Rami Al Hamoul”, “It is Love and Not”, and “Layali Tawila.”

Sultan ended his statements about the upcoming period of cooperation with Free Music or other companies. Bahaa said that talking about these matters at the present time is not possible, because we are currently studying more than one proposal to start implementing it in the next phase.

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