Basem Morsi: Pacheco is interested in annexing Zamalek and is ready to compete with Mostafa Mohamed in the national team


Bassem Morsi, the Egyptian clearing player, recently transferred from the ranks of Military Production, expressed his happiness at moving to the Fayoumi club, explaining that there are those who hindered his return to Zamalek, but he is nonetheless proud of the interest of Pacheco, the coach of the white team, to include him until the end.

“I needed only one opportunity in Zamalek to express my capabilities, and my ambitions to join the national team are still valid,” Morsi said in televised statements to the Ontime Stadium program, with Saif Zaher, on the Ontime Sports channel, today, Sunday.

And the striker continued Al-Maqasa: “I am ready to play as a main striker for the Egyptian national team today, and he is ready to compete with Mustafa Mohamed for this position and the stadium separates us.”

And he continued, “Mustafa Mohamed is Al Nesbali, the best striker in the world. He is now representing Egypt in Europe and I wish him more success in his football career.”

Officials of the Maqasa Club succeeded in hiring Bassem Morsi, the striker of Zamalek and War Production, after purchasing his contract from the war team, on the last day of the winter transfer window, in order to strengthen the ranks of the Fayoumi team in the remaining period of the current season..

The clearing contract with Bassem Morsi in order to support the offensive line came after the sale of his attacker Marwan Hamdi to Zamalek and the transfer of Rajab Omran, his replacement in the offensive line, to Ceramica..

The clearing house ended a purchase in the name of Morsi for one million pounds, especially since there are 6 months left in Morsi’s contract with production, while the player signed for two and a half seasons.

The clearing house received 13 million pounds in cash for the sale of Marwan Hamdy to Zamalek, in addition to 15% of the sale proceeds if Zamalek sold the player in the future..

Ihab Jalal, the Clearing House’s coach, was nominated in the name of Morsi to support the Fayoumi team’s attack, as he was convinced of the player’s abilities, after he had previously trained while he was coach of the Zamalek team.


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