Basem Morsi: Responsible for preventing my return to Zamalek, and I left without my control


Bassem Morsi, who was recently transferred from Military Production to Egypt, stated to the clearing that a Zamalek official prevented his return to the team, explaining that his departure was without his will, confirming that he is the top scorer of all the teams he played for over the past 8 years.

Bassem Morsi said in his statements to “On Time Sports” satellite channel: “I became another person in the football world, and I think differently from previous times, and I moved to a great and respected team and I got great appreciation.”

He continued: “I thank Ihab Jalal for choosing me in order to play with him in the team .. The clearing dealt with me well, and the negotiations did not last more than 5 or 6 hours. I thank the Military Production Department and Mukhtar Mukhtar who brought me back on the road again.”

He went on to talk about the Zamalek negotiations, saying: “I would like to thank the Zamalek fans who support me and support me, and I will continue to love Zamalek and the crowd even when I am not inside the club, all respect to everyone who refused my return to Zamalek.”

He added: “There is a current official who told Pacheco that I cannot return to Zamalek, although the club spoke to me and with the Military Production Department, and Ayman Yunus spoke to me a while ago and I would like to thank him, but I do not know who prevented my return to Zamalek, and I thank everyone in particular.” Zamalek fans. ”

He continued: “Look at the numbers to learn if Bassem Morsi deserves to return to Zamalek or not. Last season I had a good scoring record, and this season I scored against Al-Ahly and Al-Ismaily.”

And he continued: “My departure from Zamalek was not in my hands, and when I left for Greece the goal was to play for a while and return to the club, but in the end I did not continue after returning, and I always say what happened is the best thing that could have continued in Zamalek and I was injured, and I might be short but I was a scorer.” For Zamalek throughout the seasons, and my last game in which I won the Egypt Cup, I was the top scorer for all the teams that I played for over 8 years.

He talked about his competition to Mustafa Mohamed to play in the national team, saying: “For me, I like Mustafa Mohamed to be the best striker in the world, and I hope that he will represent me as a professional player in the whole world, and I am ready to compete with any player in order to play for the national team, I can lead a national attack Egypt from tomorrow, just give me a chance and judge what I will offer. ”

He concluded, “If it were not for Zamalek, there would be no player named after Morsi, because he was the one who made my name.”


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