Blindness and headache … the Tunisian presidency reveals what “circumstance” has brought about


The disclosure of what happened to the Director of the Bureau is the first official comment from the presidency regarding the reported sending of a suspicious parcel.

The statement added that the director of the court, Nadia Okasha, was transferred to the military hospital President Qais Saeed It is okay.

On Wednesday, the Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia reported that the Director of the Office of the Presidency had opened, Tuesday, Postal parcel Contains suspicious material.

Presidential is declared, opened Investigation To determine the nature of the suspect and the party that sent the parcel, according to AFP.

The same source explained that President Qais Saeed did not touch the suspicious parcel.

And Tunisian media reported that there were suspicions that the expulsion contained the toxic substance ricin.

The Algerian Presidency said, in a statement, on Wednesday evening, that President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who is in Germany for treatment, called his Tunisian counterpart “to check on his condition after the news of the attempt to poison him.”

This comes in a highly tense political context in Tunisia, which is witnessing a struggle over government reshuffle between Qais Saeed and Prime Minister Hicham El Mechishi, who is supported by the Ennahda Movement, the largest party in parliament.

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